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Learning About The Latest Appliance Sales

Tips To Maintain Your Tenant's Laundry Facility

by Karl Jacobs

If you own an apartment building with a laundry room, chances are you want to make sure the machines work so you can use them to attract tenants, but you also don't want the laundry room to become a money pit. One way to to do this is to ensure your tenants treat the machines well, which can be achieved by implementing the following tips.

Tip #1: Keep costs low but not free

Free machine use lead to unnecessary overuse, which wears out machines and leads to higher utility costs. It can also encourage people that don't live in the building to sneak in a load. Yet, if you charge too much for each use, tenants may be tempted to overload the machines, which can break them. Instead, charge an affordable amount, such as 50 cents per load instead of $2. Another tactic used by some landlords is to charge for washing but allow dryer use for free, since dryers are less likely to be overloaded.

Tip #2: Pose usage information

Usage info and rules should be posted clearly, and you should also make sure they are included in your lease. For example, it's common to have rules against homemade laundry detergents and dying clothing in the machines. A simply sign with basic usage instructions is also helpful, since not all tenants may be familiar with your machines. Finally, make sure there is signage or stickers directly on the machines, such as a reminder on the dryer door to empty the lint trap before running the machine.

Tip #3: Lock things up

A locked laundry room is a safe laundry room. Appliances are an investment, so you don't want someone else coming in to steal the machines or trash your laundry room. Either provide tenants with a key or code to access the laundry room after hours. If you have on site management, you may want to only have the laundry room open during office hours, especially if you have had trouble in the past. Another option is to install a security camera so you can catch anyone that is mistreating the premises.

Your final step is to maintain the machines and keep them clean. Tenants are more likely to treat the machines well if they work properly and if they have nice space in which to do their laundry. Work with a commercial laundry company, such as SLM Corp, to keep your facilities in good condition.