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Learning About The Latest Appliance Sales

Ways to Know When You Should Replace Your AC Filter

by Karl Jacobs

Access to a functional air conditioning system allows you to maintain a comfortable and constant temperature inside your home. In order to prevent your air conditioner from breaking down, you need to invest some time in routine maintenance. Swapping out an old air filter for a new one is one of the easiest and most effective ways to extend the life of your air conditioning unit.

Here are three signs that you can watch for when trying to determine when it's time to replace your AC filter in the future.

1. Increased levels of dust within your home.

One simple way that you can determine if your air conditioner's filter is functioning properly is by monitoring dust levels within your home. An air filter that is performing properly will remove any dust particles that may be present in the cooled air it produces prior to circulating this air through your home.

When you notice an increase in the levels of dust on the surfaces inside your home, it may be time to change out your old air filter with a new one.

2. Increased energy costs.

Another simple and effective way to determine if it's time to change out the filter in your air conditioner is to monitor your monthly energy expenditures. A sudden increase in energy costs could indicate that your air conditioning system is not functioning as efficiently as it used to.

When the air filter becomes clogged, the AC unit must work harder to draw in enough air to keep your home comfortably cool. This increased demand requires more energy, causing your utility bills to increase as well. Be sure to swap out your old air filter if you notice an increase in your monthly energy costs.

3. The filter looks dirty.

As a rule of thumb, you should check the condition of your air conditioner's filter at least once a month. Conducting a visual inspection allows you to determine if the filter is too dirty to function properly. When you hold your air filter up to a light source, you should be able to see light passing through the other side.

If your filter fails the light test, it is too dirty to effectively eliminate dust and debris from your home's cooled air and should be replaced.

Being able to determine when it's time to replace your air filter is important when it comes to ensuring the proper performance of your home's AC system. Check for signs of increased dust, spikes in monthly energy costs, and a dirty appearance to help you decide when to replace your AC's filter in the future. To learn more, contact services that provide AC accessories.