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Learning About The Latest Appliance Sales

Purchasing Granite Countertops: Avoiding Mistakes

by Karl Jacobs

Once you've seen beautiful granite countertops in someone's kitchen, you might be hooked and want some for your own space. However, purchasing pieces made of this material can be deceptively simple. You'll need to steer clear of countertop mistakes like these.

Not Seeing the Exact Pieces to Be Used

A mistake a number of renovating homeowners make is to assume that the granite used on their countertops will be exactly the same as the samples they're shown. All granite doesn't look the same, and if you're trying to get a deal by using something other than first grade granite, you should ask that you see the exact pieces about to be used before allowing anyone to install them. You need to be able to make sure that the pieces are the same quality and color. 

Getting Thinner Countertops

To save a few bucks, you might be satisfied with thinner countertop panels. You may think that they'll work out fine, and they might for a while. However, if you select thinner panels, be aware that there's a greater chance that they could crack or become otherwise damaged more easily than thicker alternatives. Do your best to find thick slabs that you can afford. 

Not Asking How the Panels Are Polished

You may be unaware that granite panel edges can be polished in a couple of ways. Some manufacturers employ people to do the work by hand, which ensures perfect edges. Other companies have edges machine-polished and waxed, which is sometimes less effective. Not only that, but the wax is going to need to be reapplied if you want to keep the countertops looking their best. Be sure that you know which polishing is done on the panels you order. 

Not Asking About Sealant

Granite is strong and durable, but you may want to have your contractor use a sealant for the surface so that you can worry less about scuff marks, spills, and other damage that your countertops may encounter. Be aware that not all contractors seal the countertops and that many panels are not sealed by the manufacturer. You may have to ask about it; in fact, the job may be left to you. If you do have to seal the panels yourself, ensure that your contractor provides suggestions about how best to do it and which sealant is most appropriate. 

Avoiding mistakes regarding granite countertops is important if you want to be happy with the finished installed products. For more information, contact a professional in your area like those found at Selective Stone LLC.