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Learning About The Latest Appliance Sales

4 Dishwasher Safety Tips

by Karl Jacobs

If you just got a dishwasher installed in your home after having hand washed dishes for years, you are going to want to go over some dishwasher safety tips with your family to ensure that everyone stays safe while using the dishwasher and that everything ends up clean.

#1 Be Carefully With Sharp Items

You want to be careful when placing sharp items into your dishwasher. You should point knives downward when you put them inside of the utensil basket. You may also want to put items such as forks pointed downward inside of the utensil basket.

#2 Leave Space In Between Items

When you load items into your dishwasher, especially fragile items like dishware, make sure that you are not putting the items too close to each other. They should have some space in-between them. This will prevent items like glassware from rattling up against one another and breaking. It will also help ensure that water is able to get around and clean all of your items.

Putting too many items into your dishwasher will result in them coming out uncleaned and possible damaged.

#3 Be Careful With The Soap

Make sure that you store the dishwashing soap behind a door with a child safety lock if you have small children or pets in your home. You don't want them to get into the cleaning supplies.

Next, make sure and read the directions on the detergent. If you put in too much soap, your machine may overflow with suds, creating a mess, and nothing you are washing will end up clean.

Also, don't put the soap into the dishwasher earlier. Wait to put it into the dishwasher when you are ready to run it. Your children or pets could get into the soap if you put it in too early.

Additionally, don't add other cleaning products outside of those specifically designed for your dishwasher to it. Fumes that may irritate your lungs could be created.

#4 Be Careful With The Door

Always shut the door to your dishwasher when you are done taking the dishes out or putting them into the dishwasher. Also, add a child safety lock if possible to the door as well. This will help ensure that your children don't open the door with the end result of someone being hurt and it will ensure that your dishwasher door cannot easily be bumped open by accident.

Review the four safety tips above with your family so that you are all on the same page with how to stay safe around your dishwasher. Talk to a dealer, like Hudson Appliance Center, for more help.